It was Never about Me

In the past 6 days I’ve experienced a world wind of experiences ranging from touring an entire city, rich in cultural history, to building a ramp for an elderly handicapped resident of  New Orleans.  I’ve seen homes damaged by a natural disaster which occured over 4 years ago, yet it looks as if its happened just last week.  I’ve seen homes built by Brad Pitt’s organization “Make it Right” that seem as if they belong in the Hollywood Hills, interestingly enough, with grass purposely growing on the roofs.  I’ve seen musicians on the streets of the French Quarter and tasted all types of authentic New Orlean’s.  But, what will resonate with me the most are the personal stories heard from the traumatic storm that occurred.  This also includes the hardships people incurred and still deal with today.  I could only imagine still living in Houston, Texas, 4 years after my home was devastated because I was not allotted a ticket back home.  The sorrow still  pervades the streets even in the midst of southern hospitality and immense kindness.  

It’s been an eye-opening experience that has caused me to re-think all I’ve learned, all I’ve witnessed, and even my future goals I have set for my life.  This trip was not about me, but about those I was here to serve and they have impacted my life and mind-set so much that I couldn’t imagine living a life that was not dedicated to the service of enriching humanity. 

Je T’aime Swindell, 2010


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