Some Photos from Ms. Alice’s Rebuild Project

There are far too many pictures to upload to this blog right now, but here are a few photos from Ms. Alice’s rebuild project. They show some of the “before” and “after”. Ms. Alice’s house has been a two-year rebuild project for Rebuilding Together; every time it has been “ready”, they discovered something else that needed to be worked on. However, Ms. Alice gave us a tour of her house and it looks great! This house belonged to her parents and has been such an important part of her family since she lived in it as a little girl. As she was giving us the tour she was very excited to share that her family moved back into this house just before Christmas. The house still had no heat and there were many things still being worked on, but she said it was just too important for her family to have Christmas dinner together in the house…one of countless reminders we have all had this week about the importance of “home” and how significant the loss of a home can be. There are so many that still need to be rebuilt…almost 5 years after Katrina…a week is not enough! The students at this house have had such an incredible time working very hard in trying to get this house to be completed…finally. It is almost there!


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